Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Retraction Most Sincere

I have committed an act of a most heinous nature.

In a moment of most audacious thoughtlessness, words flew from my fingertips without reason, without veracity.   The action of that single point in time struck as an arrow to the heart of my buttercup, my heartbeat, my sugarpop.  Words that were so meaningless to me ripped through the soul of my beloved and left him bleeding on the floor, crying out in a torment so intense, known language fails, and the soul can only writhe in agonistic moanings.

I have maligned my darling Thor.

In my last post, I made a parenthetical reference to the fact that I “haven’t gotten flowers in quite a while.” I was reminded today that, in fact, my dearest heart Thor brought flowers to me in August.  He left them on my doorstep on his way to work so that I would find them as I went out the door in the morning.  How sweet is that?  Only a man of the highest integrity, of the deepest intellect, possessing the highest degree of technical savvy, who is handsome beyond words and is an amazing kisser could have come up with such an idea.  Bestill my heart.

(insert dramatic sigh with hand on forehead here)

So here you have it, dearest reader.  My official retraction.  Don’t send me flowers, I warrant them not.   May I be devoured by a pack of ravenous, rabid mongoose for what I’ve done.  (Mongooses?  Mongeese? Whatever, you get it.)
Here's a shot of us last weekend.  It is my personal opinion that we might be the cutest couple ever.  If you agree, please tell me; if you don't, well, get your own blog.
Thus endeth the retraction.

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