Monday, March 5, 2012

Keith is the Man

Can I just take a moment and point out that studying and physically training for a firefighter exam is TIME-CONSUMING???!!!! Oh.My.Lanta.  I thought my life was chaotic before.  The next time you see a firefighter - aside from stopping to thank him or her for answering a calling which may someday save your life, which I know is your first impulse - also thank that person for giving up their off time to stay on top of fire science and in good physical condition.

And have you been watching the calendar, my little chickens?  The Stair Climb is THIS COMING WEEKEND!  Can I get a wootwoot?  Of course, if you haven't had the chance to donate to this overwhelmingly worthy cause (the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society), click on the link at the top right of this page and Kat will hook you up, baby.

So on Saturday I skeedaddled down to Brewster to talk to my old friend, Keith Zweigle. Keith was a good buddy of my older brother, and since we all grew up in the middle of nowhere, Keith remembers me.  He's 6 years older than me, which puts him at 38.


Anyhow, Keith is the Assistant Fire Chief of the Pateros Fire Department and is participating in the Stair Climb.  My buddy Keith has singlehandedly raised over FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS this year for the event.  He would certainly downplay it,  but to raise that kind of cash, he has sacrificed what little time he has with his family after serving the fire department to beat the streets for donations and set up fundraisers.  He deserves some serious credit and thanks for not only his fire service, but his dedication to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Keith is the man.

I caught up with him at the local grocery store, where he had this table set up:

On this table were 3 photos of beautiful ladies who were taken from this world far too soon by blood cancers.  Keith climbs the stairs in honor of Donna Campbell, Deb Herron and Sheri Lamar.  This is his third year participating and each year he rocks the socks off the fundraising effort.  Did I mention that Keith is the man?

You might recall me mentioning that the firefighters who participate in the Stair Climb do so in full gear, complete with SCBA tank - well, here's a visual for you:

Looks comfy, huh. NOT.

I asked Keith how he is training, because you may find this hard to believe when I say it, but we really do live in an area with basically ZERO multi-story buildings.  He is sticking to cardio and the stairs and the local hydroelectric dam - and you know what?  Keith is the man.  

This is the part where I hang my head in shame....I took what I thought was an awesome picture of Keith standing next to his gear here, and it turned out so blurry, I can't use it.   Keith - dude - I am SOOO SORRY.  Lesson in this, dearest reader - never take just ONE PICTURE.

So today's exam question:

Keith is the ______________.

a.  MAN
b.  MAN
c.  MAN
d.  walrus


  1. Finally, an exam question that I can answer confidently!

    A, B, and C.


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