Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Just Wanted to Say "Good Luck, and We Are All Counting on You."

Decision time, folks.

You may recall back in the dark ages (also known as "November") I had mentioned that a dream of mine was to go to NYC for the Tunnel to Towers Run, which benefits the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. This foundation utilizes its donations to benefit firefighters and veterans in some really amazing ways and was founded in honor of Stephen Siller.  Siller was FNDY and had just come off-duty on 9/11 when the first plane hit.  He immediately headed downtown to join his brothers from his fire house.  When he got to the Brooklyn tunnel, he couldn't drive though - it was jammed.  So he ran the distance with his 60 pounds of gear to help his fellow man, and gave his life doing so.

This is Stephen:

So every year right around September 11th, the foundation hosts a run to as a fundraiser...you can run in Stephen's steps, through the tunnel to Ground Zero, and if you're a firefighter, you can do it in your gear, just like he did.

Well, Kat isn't going to NYC, unless some mysterious benefactor shows up with a wad of cash.  HOWEVER, the foundation also hosts the same type of 5K runs all across the country, and guess what - there's one in Spokane on 9/22.

Now our question, dearest reader:  Does Kat participate and run, or does Kat volunteer?  There are advantages to both; participation is awesome, but if I volunteer, I'll still look hot at the finish line. 

Weigh in, please.


  1. Volunteer. Running is exhausting, and if you're in it for looks, sweaty isn't all that attractive.

  2. Um--- You can't do both??


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