Sunday, September 16, 2012


It's time to introduce a new character to the amphitheater of chaos that is Kat.

World - meet Thor.  Thor - meet the world.

So back in June, SP and I had the heart-to-heart about how we needed to face the reality of our future together; that I was to move on with my life and be extraordinarily happy, etc etc etc.  Can I just say - that's easier said than done?  True, I moved 160 miles away; true, I changed careers; true, I've grown my hair out, bought some good-fitting jeans.  But moving on in my love life and looking for someone with whom I could have a serious relationship with felt, well, abnormal.  Unnatural.  Wrong.  And no, having permission doesn't really help. 

(Update on SP - I talk to him every 48 hours or so.  He has been undergoing gene therapy and is feeling better lately, believe it or not.  There came a time, not so very long ago, that I was sure every time I spoke to him would be the last.  Now he tells me that the funeral home is really pissed off at him for screwing up their booking schedule. Go figure.)

Over the summer, my son was gone and I was alone, so I dated some men.  A lot of men.  Okay, before you start calling me skanky Kat, I didn't say I SLEPT with a lot of men.  But I went out on a good number of first dates; a few second dates, a minuscule number of third dates. They all fizzled, for one reason or another.  Our interests didn't mesh.  His kids were too young.  His kids were grown and he had grandkids.  He was a player looking for a booty call.  He was dishonest about his appearance and/or age in his dating profile. He was in love before I even ordered my entree.   He was a felon.  (Yes, I'm serious).  And admittedly, I might have pushed a couple promising prospects away because I wasn't really ready to face a commitment.

Then I met the man we shall call "Thor."  He is a gentleman, gainfully employed, handsome, deliciously spontaneous, and I'm 99% sure he has no criminal record.  Yeah, I really like him, and I hope he doesn't read this so he won't know just how much.  We had "the talk" last weekend and now we are exclusive.  Thor knows about SP and how I will remain in his life for as long as SP requires me.  Thor's response to my SP story was a very tender embrace.

Yikes.  This one is quality.

Wish me luck.  Wish HIM luck.  We will both probably need it.

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