Wednesday, January 23, 2013

About to Lap Myself.

The deadline is still weeks away, and I’m already behind.
You see, I had set this deadline of 2/14 to launch my website for my business.  I based that on a little side job that I was supposed to do in December, which would have netted me a little extra cabbage.  I was going to take a wedge of said cabbage and use it to get my site up, my pictures done, etc.  Well, guess what.  The parties settled out of court, so the side job didn’t happen, so no extra Kat cabbage.
Well, we will adjust our plan.  People build their own sites all the time, right?  Any jackwagon with a laptop should be able to do this, right?  I actually did take a website development class for 2 days.  In 1996.  You may find this beyond belief, dearest reader, but that wealth of knowledge doesn’t seem to be serving me so well in the 21st century.

After about 8 seriously bad starts, I texted Thor.  “I’m an idiot, what was I thinking, this was a stupid idea, I’ll never pull it off.”  Keep in mind, the poor guy has had to listen to me rant about how hard it is to build a website for, like, 8 weeks now.  His response – “Not stupid.  Ambitious.”   Thor always knows what to say.  He’s Mama to my Forrest Gump.

 Thor then pointed out that I won’t be happy with what I create, that I need to face up to that fact, and that I need to pay somebody to create my site.  The insinuation there is, Kat is a perfectionist whose goals sometimes, on very, very RARE occasions, exceed her ability.  Cough cough.  And that perhaps Kat knows about as much as your average third grader when it comes to website development (assuming that the third grader is in public school, and not some charter program).

So, alas, here we sit.  Perhaps I’ll find DB Cooper’s backpack between now and Valentine’s Day.  

Regarding the job, to which I so cleverly hinted recently; it is not meant to be.  Truth be told, my interview was akin to lighting a firecracker in a funeral home.  Not exactly a good fit, best decision for all, blah blah blah.  But it still sucks not to get picked, even for something you might not necessarily want.


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