Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January - Go Big or Go Back to 2012.

Hello, my little chickens.  Welcome to 2013.  Live long and prosper.

So now that the calendar has flipped, I can go ahead and let you all in on my newest BIG PROJECT.  On 2/14/13, I will be launching my very own website....can I get a woot woot?  I will actually be opening a business, writing online dating profiles and providing coaching to those desiring to navigate the murky waters of the online dating ocean.  Don't drink the water, it will make you hallucinate.

I've actually been doing this for a while for those in my social circle, but in a moment of rabid capitalism, decided that I'm ready to start getting PAID for it.  So there you have it.  My new gig.  There's money in love, and not just the illegal stuff.

I'm also going through the interviewing process this month for a job that I would really, really like to have.  But, alas, if I don't get it - well, something else will come along.  As I'm sure you've all memorized my list of "100 things to do in 2013", you recall that one of them was "find a new job."  Details to follow.  (This job is actually blog-related....ooohhhh...the suspense.....)

So that's my plan for the month.  I will keep you posted, as you can well imagine.  What are YOU planning on doing in January?

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