Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back to the Stairs.

So after I regained consciousness last week....I noticed that my left knee was sore.  Overly sore.  Extremely sore.  Okay, it hurt like hell and I couldn't bend it for 5 days.

The prevailing opinion, according to Dr. Internet, is that I managed to pull a ligament or give myself some little tiny cartilage tears.  Lucky me.  But you know what?  This morning, I actually was able to get back out of bed and bend my knee!  So back to stair training we went.

Set up - the same as last week.  But friends, this week I didn't start hearing color and tripping over the step and swearing under my breath until I hit floor 32.  Progress!  Progress!  PROGRESS!

I absolutely, completely and firmly believe that tomorrow morning I won't be able to bend my leg again. But fire training is all about pain-sacrifice-dedication-perseverance, is it not? 

Speaking of tomorrow, I'll be taking the day off to do some fundraising for the stair climb.  If you see me in your neighborhood, please ignore your first impulse (running and hiding) and go with your second impulse (writing me a generous check).

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