Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kat is Cordless

Do you see this?  Take a moment.

This little gem from Pier 1 Imports has joined our blog atmosphere.  It is now hanging in the kitchen of the Sweet Bachelorette Pad.  Each little black clothespin holds a white index card which has our daily training agenda and/or activities for the coming week.  If you could see mine, you would note that this coming week, we are going through Chapters 8 through 11 of the Barron's Firefighter Study Guide, and that on Saturday, we have a fire event in Idaho.  The 2 extra squares hold a photo of my kids and a cool quote of the week.

Why didn't I just take a nice photo of MY frame for you, you ask?  Well, I assure you, I certainly did.


Methinks, dearest reader, that it is either languishing in a box in my closet, which has yet to be unpacked; or that perhaps, in a moment of weakness, a certain offspring of mine absconded with said cord during the hustle and bustle of the move, and said offspring has yet to return Mommy's special retractable cord that she bought especially for this particular camera.

Of course, I'M SURE that isn't the case.  I'M SURE it must be in one of the VERY FEW BOXES that remain unpacked.

(Insert skeptical brow raise here.)

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