Sunday, July 29, 2012

Study, Study, Study.

I have spent my week furiously studying for the fire exam.  "All-Purpose Saw" - slam dunk.  "Methods of Forcible Entry" - aces, baby.

"Reasoning Skills" - 75%.  uh oh.

In my defense, the developers of this exam prep book are assuming that people like me have already STUDIED fire science, have a basic concept of fire suppression, and know about boy stuff, like pike poles and breaking windows.  I know none of these.  In fact, the list of things Kat knows nothing about seems to be growing daily.

So when I see a drawing of two firefighters, one on a roof and one on the ground, a ladder between them halfway up in the air with ropes hanging from the top and bottom, and am asked why the firefighter on the ground is holding onto that rope - my guess was, he's pulling the ladder down from the roof.  The correct answer - he's keeping the ladder from smashing into the building while the guy on the roof lowers it.  I feel my guess was perfectly reasonable, don't you?

In fact, I'm officially declaring "pulling the appliance down from the roof" as the CORRECT answer and am re-scoring my test accordingly.

Now I'm to "Hand Tools", which is a 98-question test.  Ugh.  I did have a flash of brilliance last night; I'm going to copy the pages from the exam book and make myself a set of flash cards.  I've been studying Hand Tools for 2 days.  You may be admiring my dedication to the exam process and my need for perfection - but reality is, the next section is MATHEMATICS, and if spending 2 weeks memorizing different types of wrenches puts that crap off for just a bit longer, so be it.

Oh, like you wouldn't do the same thing.

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