Sunday, January 15, 2012

The China Quandary

The correct answer to our last fire exam question - D.  Although the rest do make for some entertaining mental pictures.

So yesterday I went to W-Town and had dinner with TG.  We went to this Chinese place (yes, fell off the vegan wagon again) and it made me wonder...what does authentic Chinese food taste like?  I mean, really - have you ever seen a fat Chinese guy on TV?  You can't tell me that they actually stay skinny by deep-frying everything and slathering it in gravy or sticky neon sweet and sour sauce.  And don't get me started on that slimy texture that is so pervasive in every stir-fry dish.

If I recall correctly, I had 1 hit in China last week.  Dear Chinese reader, please feel free to chime in, provided you stumble across us again.

Anyhow, back to TG.  We had a sad conversation about my impending move and the effect it will have on "us"....and if "us" can survive that kind of long distance for an indefinite amount of time.    It's one of those situations where I know the answer, and he knows the answer, and I just don't want to have to deal with it right now, because he's a good guy and I like spending time with him.  Sometimes being a siren sex goddess really sucks. I'm such a fan of arranged marriage now, it's not even funny.

So now I'm home, and am faced with a quandary - Go to the gym, or eat a cinnamon roll and take a nap?  Your input is welcome.


  1. I was under the impression this blog would be about firefighting, not personal sexploits! Get with the program. Contrary to your personal opinion you're not all that.

  2. Dear Anonymous - cluckcluckcluck, I smell chicken. Or perhaps your name really is Anonymous, in which case, I would like to speak with your mother about her interesting taste in names.

    If my blog content offends/bores/irritates you, well, welcome to the club. You are on an increasingly full boat.

  3. I thought this blog was about TRAINING to be a firefighter. Sex is an exercise. Although, apparently, for Anonymous, it must be an exercise in FUTILITY.

  4. Kas darling, I want to know what kind of Chinese restaurants Anonymous goes to...I witnessed no sex whatsoever when TG and I went out. Perhaps I didn't state that clearly enough in my post about going out to dinner. So let me clarify for my readership - there was no sex at the Chinese restaurant by anybody. Well, I can't vouch for what was going on in the kitchen, but you get my drift.

    1. "because he's a good guy" least he's not a "nice guy" because we know where they end up... "good" sound kind of like "utility" in this case. You are too funny. Ya, sirens can't help what they do, the seafaring bewitched are impossibl to abate. oh the burden.

    2. I for one think Tina is ALL THAT AND A COOKIE TOO!


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