Sunday, January 22, 2012


I've had an epiphany-my readership doesn't know sh*t about rope, because none of ya'll even took a GUESS at the last fire exam question.  The answer .... A, static kermantle rope.

Yeah, I didn't know either; but, in my defense, my academics don't start for another 10 days.

Yesterday I got all dolled up and went to the gym, only to learn that they close for 4 hours on Saturday afternoons (valuable information to perhaps show on their FaceBook page, which is where I went to find their hours).  So I came home and set up my Wii Fit Plus.  My oldest daughter was kind enough to make a Mii for me when she was home, aptly named "Mama".   What sucks is this stupid thing weighs you in every day and tells you how you are lacking in weight proficiency.  You see, a "normal" BMI is 24.9 and under.  My BMI is 25.  If I drop 2 pounds, I will be in the "normal" range.  But, oh no, Wii Fit has to announce to me that "MAMA IS OVERWEIGHT" every time I step on it.  I hate to split hairs here, but if I'm only "overweight" by 2 pounds, I'm not really overweight.  I could go a few hours without drinking water and be miraculously "normal." So say I.

And I can't go to the gym today, because it's been effin' snowing for 4 hours now.  And there's no fire events going on at any houses, because it's WINTER and not exactly hamburger and hot dog weather.  So I'm housebound and getting a little stir crazy.

In honor of my stircraziness, I've compiled:


1.  Nonstop snow
2.  Gyms that are not open when their FaceBook page says that they should be
3.  No fire events to go to because it's winter time
4.  Veggie subs.  I'm friggin' sick of eating veggie subs.
5.  My old woman knee that keeps acting up every time I try to go down stairs or do squats/lunges
6.  The lady who won't call me back about the fundraiser I'm trying to organize for the Stair Climb
7.  Not having a clue what the term "kermantle rope" means
8.  The weight tracker feature on Wii Fit Plus
9.  Love
10. The complete lack of response to my resumes' that I've sent to potential employers in Spokompton

Okay, your turn.  What's got YOUR panties in a bunch today?


  1. How about people that say "effin" instead of "fucking". Say what you mean and knock off the innocent, "I would never say fuck act".
    Second, realize that maybe nobody cares about your pretend firetraining blog. The questions are pretty juvenile.
    Maybe nobody is responding to your resume because it sucks.
    How about quit trying to be something you aren't

  2. People that say "effin" instead of "fucking"

  3. My dearest Anonymous - you are absolutely correct. Perhaps nobody cares about my stupid little blog. So I guess that makes you a PATHETIC LOSER that has nothing better to do than read, and comment, on stupid little blogs.

    I further agree that I absolutely should quit trying to be something that I'm should everyone else, including you, CHICKEN SHIT. Or have you forgotten how to spell your name? Is that why you don't sign it?

    No, I don't drop the f-bomb as a habit, because I'm a mom, and if I do it casually, I'll probably end up doing it in front of my kid, which is profoundly classless. Perhaps you don't agree...I don't care.

    So anyhow, my condolences on your sad, pathetic, bitter little life. Maybe you should start a blog.

  4. some people are too effin...excuse me....FUCKIN' PATHETIC to breathe, let alone comment on any blog, pathetic or not.

  5. Why do you attack everyone who comments? Take off the reply option if you don't want them to answer your questions.

  6. Hugh - I think it's a stretch to say that I attack "everyone" who comments - only those whose comments are in incredibly poor taste and are done under the guise of anonymity. I think that if someone is going to behave badly, they should be man enough to sign their name to it and take responsibility.

    The question could also be asked, why attack ME for something so silly as a blog post?

    1. Reminder: YOU asked people to respond about pet peeves. I stated mine. YOU attacked me! I did not attack. Again, if all you are going to do is attack those that reply you will rapidly turn off those that are interested in your exam questions.


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