Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What Floor, Please?

Today was a HUGE day.  Today was Wednesday, January 25th - the day that the volunteer applications and assignment requests for the Seattle Stair Climb were to go out.  OHHHHHH....the possibilities!  Do I go with "ground floor", where I can chat 1500 firefighters who are all jazzed up to do this thing; or do I go for the glory of "top floor", where I can witness the thrill of victory, and possibly get vomited on by a substantially less jazzed up firefighter?  Eenie Meenie Minee Moe.....  back and forth I went.  I checked my e-mail, oh, 80 thousand times today.  And guess what - no form. Sigh.   Tomorrow, Scarlett.  Tomorrow.

In the face of the agony of defeat, a ray of sunshine - literally. It was like 45 today, and the snow receded a little - so off to the gym for Teener tonight.  I was really, really hoping against hope that they still had that old Stairmaster tucked in a corner somewhere, so I could train along with my Stevens County boys - but alas, nobody does that anymore, the machine is long gone. And since I think I might work in the only multi-story building in the county (three stories when you include the basement, thank you very much), as Jack Nicholson would say, this might be as good as it gets.

Firefighter diet?  I'm eating meat maybe twice a week, not because I'm really Jonesing for it, but because I'm cold and most of my veggie dishes are cold, and I want warm food.  I know, lazy lazy lazy.  I'm consoling myself with the knowledge that I'm making progress, and next week, I'm shooting for only 1 "meat day."

I asked Alex to provide me with some training pics today of my Stevens County boys, which I will share with you immediately, dearest reader.  Yeah, I'm a little jazzed over the climb.

For those of you who care (the number is probably dwindling daily), after much consideration, I've disabled the ability to leave "anonymous" comments on the blog.  So if you want to leave a comment, you have to register, which takes about 2 seconds.  I did this after consulting with my guru Amy Smith, relationship coach and fellow blogger.  I know it's stupid to take the comments of morons personally, but what can I say, I do.  And no, I'm not talking about the average comments, or people who just plain disagree with me; I'm talking about the very personal attacks; the 5th grade playground shit.  So I hit her up on FaceBook with the question, "how do YOU handle the 'you suck and your blog sucks' comments?"  Her sage response was basically, you gotta wonder why someone who thinks you suck so bad would bother reading your stuff, and to hit 'DELETE'.  No wasting energy on defending yourself, release the douchebag to the universe and move on.  (She might not have used the word "douchebag", but I guarantee she wouldn't mind the paraphrase.)  So this is my new philosophy. 

My recommendation is that you race on over to her site and check it out.  For you who are peeved by my unwillingness to use the f-word, you'll love her.  She drops f-bombs on the floor like Raisinettes at a matinee.  I love me some Amy Smith.

Anyhow, tomorrow is registration day - I can just FEEL it.   What do you vote?  Top floor (thrill of victory/possible vomit) and Ground floor (jazzed up, victory status unknown)?


  1. Mmmmmmmm....sweaty and heavy breathing and....

  2. It always kills me how people who don't like me read my blog...what's the deal with that?!? SIGH. Good for you about not accepting the anonymous comments!!


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