Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yeah, Still the Knee Thing.

Greetings from a snow-bound SSG.

If you recall, when we last left this training menagerie, I had modified my lifting by removing squats/lunges and substituting knee extensions/donkey kicks to see if my old woman knee would rehabilitate.  And guess what - no pain.  (In this case, "no pain, no gain" does not apply - just to clarify.)  Anyhow, I've been patting myself on the back pretty thoroughly over that one.  Not only is she a land records examiner extraordinaire...siren sex goddess...firefighter in training...but she's also the next Jillian Michaels.

So I headed out the back door this morning to go to work, started down the stairs off the back porch (that would be TWO STAIRS), and BANG.  I had to hang on to the handrail and go down those TWO STAIRS sideways because my knee decided to just stop functioning the way most normal knees do.  Sigh.  Once I was on flat ground, I was pretty much fine again.

So much for my new career as Bob Harper's sidekick.  But I will not bow in the face of adversity - I will strive on and see how a few more weeks of modification impact my Old Woman Knee Syndrome.

On another note - there's always another note - I'm trying to pull together a fundraiser for the Seattle Stairclimb (feel free to give at the link at the top of this screen, darling).  My ability to do so depends on a certain person returning my messages.  Well, guess who isn't?  That would be the certain person.  Double sigh.  I hate it when I have something planned and I can't do it because somebody else won't do their part, don't you?  So when I'm finished with this, I'm going online and looking to see if I can find another certain person who might be able to help out.

Are you ready for a fire exam question, dearest reader?  Well, golly, I sure as heck am!!!

Firefighters are fighting a fire in a four-story apartment building.  They need an extremely strong rope that does not stretch to rescue a burn victim.  What type of rope will they most likely use?
a.  Static kermantle
b.  Braided
c.  Dynamic kermantle
d.  Braid-on-braid
e.  Laid

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