Thursday, January 5, 2012

Getting Firefighter Fit

Let us begin at the beginning - the answer to our last fire exam question was "b".  Congratulations to Kas, you got it right.

A moment of tragedy to share with you.  Evidently the folks at have decided that allowing member blogs on their site is no longer a good idea.  So, hopes dashed, heart broken, sob sob - our little shindig has lost a little exposure.  But fear not, dearest reader - we shall press on together here on and take the virtual world by storm, with or without Firehouse Magazine's help.

Yesterday was my first day of strength training.  If you recall, we are using the "Get Firefighter Fit" program, which emphasizes a small number of sets with a large number of reps.  Our first workout, which we will be doing for the next 2 months, is called the "Firefighter I Candidate workout."  We will then move through 3 other workouts, and at the end of it all, we will be Firefighting Amazon Queens.

So last night, I came home from work, put on my new workout pants (my awesome new Leary Foundation "stay back 200 feet" tshirt won't be here until tomorrow, but when it comes, I'll  look freakin' amazing), added some fresh makeup, grabbed my gym shoes and notebook - and away I went.

Yes, I put on fresh makeup before I went to the gym.  Need I remind you that I'm SINGLE and 42 and living in the middle of FREAKIN' NOWHERE?  I am NOT passing up ANY opportunity to look cute in public.  Don't judge me.

The gym was PACKED.  I couldn't believe it when I pulled up and saw a full parking lot.  Most of my exercises were using free weights, so I pounded through those.  When it came time to hit the Smith machine for my lunges, squats, and bench presses, some jackwagon hogged it forever another member was using it, so I moved on.  I did learn that my full strength training workout can be completed in about 35-40 minutes, so I think I'm going to try it on my lunch hour instead to avoid the crowds.

The workout was challenging, but I had no problems completing all 15 reps with the weight levels I had picked.  I was heartily patting myself on the back as I hit the one flight of stairs which would take me back to the locker room.  That's when my left knee decided to start a discussion.

And here's how it went down.

STEP 1:  Good job, Tina.  Good workout.
STEP 2:  My, what a wonderful, exhilarating burn I feel in my left knee.  I must really be doing well.
STEP 3:  Golly, it almost feels a little painful.
STEP 4:  Ow.

I then hobbled/hopped into the locker room - in front of the young skinny attendant, of course, who gave me that "I hope the old woman doesn't die in front of me" look, and said..."Are you OK????"  I assured her that I was, because after all, I'm a firefighter in training who has endured natural childbirth 4 times, and a little thing like a knee twinge will NOT pull me under.  So there.  Funny thing is, once I was on flat ground, I was fine.  Really.

Tomorrow is strength training day again.  We shall see, folks.  We shall see.

Don't forget to sponsor a firefighter in the stairclimb - link to the right.  I've officially adopted Stevens County 1, and hope that at least 1 of them is single and over 40. 

Our exam question of the day:
If a painted metal pipe needed to be turned to thread it into a fixed coupling, what kind of wrench would probably be suitable?
a.  Stilson wrench
b. Torque wrench
c.  Strap wrench
d.  Crocodile wrench

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  1. i think it is c? because it is painted?


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