Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Goddess is Sick.

Good evening, my little chickens.  The answer to our last fire exam question:  A.  And to determine that answer, we must invoke the Pythagorean theorem, which if I recall correctly from my days as a Brewster Bear, has something to do with math.

The writing is on the wall - when I get to the math section of this exam - I'm dead meat.

How was your day, you ask? Well, I will tell you.  I was SUPPOSED to go to the Riverside Volunteer Fire Department today, where I was SUPPOSED to see Santa, meet some firemen, and take my picture on a firetruck.  INSTEAD, I went grocery shopping, came home, and threw up.  I'm sick, sick, sick.  What with it being so close to Christmas and all, I didn't think that Santa would appreciate my germs being spread all over him, so I stayed home.

Last night, however - last night was nice.  I got to see Sherlock Holmes 2, which I've been waiting 2 years for - readers of my 2010 blog would certainly know already.  I took my daughter, and beforehand we went to DQ for dinner.  I figured a Siren Sex Goddess deserves one animal product-filled evening per week, so I had a bacon cheeseburger, fries, a malt - then at the theater, about a cup of popcorn, a half a box of Whoppers, and a Cherry Coke. 

Good manners prevents me from describing in detail the effect that this "meal" had upon my digestive system.  Suffice it to say I was bloaty and farty for a good 12 hours.  You know what?  It was so NOT worth it.  I think I'm actually moving past this whole "craving meat" thing.  But as our eating plan's author, The Mighty Rip, can probably attest, it is really challenging to eat fast food as a vegan.  REEEEALLY challenging.

Okay.  Gotta go throw up again.  Enjoy your exam question for now.  My brain hurts.

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