Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Let the Training Commence - I'm Getting Bored.

The answer to our last fire exam question - 'the kitchen'.  Well, DUH.  Of COURSE most household fires start in the kitchen.

I hope you and your families had the merriest of holiday seasons this year.  I got my Wii Fit Plus (woot woot) and I am SO ready to start my physical training next week.  Unsure at this point if I'll be able to complete the strength training portion without the aid of the local gym - golly gee, but all those machines sure do make it simpler  - but I figure I can get a 3-month membership, if push comes to shove.  I'm going to start out here at the house for now.

I also ate.  A lot.  I mean, I really, really ate a lot.  And I ate MEAT.  A lot of meat.  Ham, bacon cheeseburgers topped with a fried egg (OMG, why didn't anyone ever tell me how effin good that tastes), chicken and dumplings.  And then there's the rum cake, the candy, the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, the banana bread...ugh.  Seriously, by last night, I really just wanted to get my stomach pumped.

I still might.

And I talked to my friends at the Bank today, who told me that I can get a car loan at a really low interest rate.  You should know that I am genetically predisposed to trading my car in every 2 years, and it's been 2 1/2.  I'm flirting with disaster here, and might possibly cause an inadvertent genetic mutation if I don't trade soon.  Actually I think I could cut my car payment and my gas bill significantly if I traded down from the familymobile to a car...red, of course.  We shall see. 

I find myself getting antsy - I need to get moving on my training.  My bff Mike isn't doing any training, and there aren't any fire house events for me to crash this time of year.  So I'm going to dive head-first into my physical training ASAP.

Who's with me? 

(crickets chirping)

Today's exam question:

Considering how closely buildings were spaced together, the kind of materials used in their construction, and the inadequacy of firefighting equipment in the late 1800's and early 1900's, it is not hard to understand why "conflagrations" were not uncommon.  "Conflagrations"most nearly means:

a.  Firefighter strikes
b.  Out-of-control fires
c.  Fire-related medical disabilities
d.  Firefighter fatalities

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  1. B

    I ate waaayyy too much also. I have postponed my weight watching (except to see it go UP) for the time being. Winter.... ugh. I need to buy one of those artificial sun thingies...


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