Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Triumph and Tragedy

I've had a flash of brilliance.

So as you may or may not remember, our firefighter workout program starts on January 1st.  I have a weight-training program but have been undecided on the cardio part.  I did say, in my intro to this blog, that I was going to do a couch-to-5k program for cardio...but I just said that so my post would be complete.  I didn't actually MEAN it.  I mean, seriously.  Who wants to friggin' JOG when it's 20 degrees outside?  Not Kat.

Anyhow, Christmas is coming, and I always end up with some cash from my parents.  My oldest son has a Wii that's sitting in a box (actually, he has 2, for some strange reason) so I'm thinking I can use my 'Christmas present' money to buy Wii Fit Plus!!   Excited?  Can't you just IMAGINE the opportunities for ultra-embarrassing blog posts, inspired by my complete lack of physical coordination and a boxing video game?

(This is where I need to insert a little note to Mom and Dad - if you were thinking about NOT giving me cash this year, that's okay.  I will appreciate whatever you give me.  Don't let the pressure of ruining my blog and disappointing my entire readership influence your gift-giving decisions in any way.)

And on the heels of brilliance, we find tragedy.  My laptop died on Saturday.  I mean, like, DIED.  It won't even turn on.  So I'm typing this blog post on my oldest son's netbook (which was in the same box as the Wii) and have declared said netbook to be his Christmas present to his dear mother.  He didn't put up much of an argument.  What sucks is, all the pictures I had on my laptop are gone - which hurt my heart a little, all I had left of a few old boyfriends just bit the dust - and I can't quite figure out what I'm going to do about my iTunes account.  This netbook is usable...but SLOW.

I almost forgot to tell you the answer to last post's firefighter exam question - it was 37.5.  You know, people, that was a pretty easy one.  If you got it wrong, we need to discuss your math skills.

Today's question:

Which of the buildings described below offers the least resistance to fire progression?
a.  a four-story townhouse with an elevator and enclosed stairwells.
b.  a four-story condominium with a centrally located enclosed stairwell.
c.  a four-story hotel with an elevator and a centrally located open staircase.
d.  a four-story apartment house with two elevators and enclosed stairwells.

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