Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holy Stair Climb, HF!

It's official...I'm going to live.  Your concern for my well-being has been overwhelming, and I extend my heartfelt thanks.  I do look a little pale and peaked, but on a positive note, I dropped a few pounds and so I look a little skinnier today.  Always look on the sunny side of life, babe.

So, tonight I was talking to HF.  If you don't know who HF is, well, you didn't read last year's blog, and so, well...never mind.  Suffice it to say that he's a firefighter and that's all you need to know now.  And if you DID read last year's blog, don't judge me.  Geesh, it's just TALKING, people.

ANYHOW, I was talking to HF tonight, and he off-handedly mentioned that he went up 84 flights of stairs today in full gear.  As you can imagine, my interest was piqued.  As I'm picturing HF rushing into a burning, collapsing, rat-infested decrepit old building, carrying out blind widows and orphans on his broad shoulders, he told me that he's in training for the Scott Stair Climb in Seattle.  Okay, doesn't quite play into my fantasy so much, but still interesting enough to blog about.

(You may recall that we will be there, too, as volunteers - no stairclimbing or gear-wearing necessary for us civvies.  THANK DAWG.  I just have to look cute and hand out water bottles.)

Well, it turns out that he and his posse are training 4 times a week from now until March, 84 flights, sometimes in gear, sometimes not.  This got me to thinking, when was the last time I walked up more than a single flight of stairs?  Um...thinking....um.....

Nope.  It's not coming to me.  Okay, and before you get all self-righteous on me, dearest reader - when was the last time YOU did???  HMMM????????????

This brings us to the fire exam portion of our show...today's question:

What kind of handsaw is used specifically to cut tenon joints?
a.  Back saw
b.  Coping saw
c.  Hacksaw
d.  Saber saw

(Googling the term "tenon joint" is cheating.)

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  1. I raced little Pete up and down six flights of stairs three times today at the hospital. Do the math. I'm awesome. Not 84 flights of awesome, but a girl's got to start somewhere.


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