Sunday, December 11, 2011

Smackdown at Fire School

Let's start off with -the answer to our last fire exam question is...wait for it...   C. 

(The reason you had to wait for it is because it's been so many days since I asked the question, I forgot which flashcard it was on and I had to do a little digging.  Sorry.)

Anyhow, I'm really getting off on the academic stuff.  I'm getting excited to start my studying and training and so forth.  How sick is that.  I can't help it, I love to learn new stuff.  The fact that I will never use it matters not.  

I especially want to go to some live training with my new bff Mike. You see, as a young siren tyke, I was the teacher's pet-ALWAYS.  If any other student showed potential for encroaching on my turf, I initiated a systematic academic takedown which usually resulted in at least one small child crying.  And that small child was NEVER me.  Does it show?  I'm anxious to take down a few firemen.


But I digress.  I bet you are really curious as to how things have been going with me, what with me having this little "quiet time" since Tuesday.  Well, Big Development #1 - my FaceBook status now says I'm "in a relationship."  Yup.  Me and TG.  Go figure.  I know it's pretty 5th grade to even show a relationship status, but it was the most passive way I could come up with to let a select group of gentlemen know that I'm no longer on the market.  And TG didn't freak out and change his phone number or anything, so I guess he's okay with it.

Big Development #2 - I've decided that I can't forever substitute this netbook for a real laptop and am earnestly (sort of) shopping around for a good deal.  I guess if ALL you want to do is surf the net, this little impostor will meet your needs - but I have a blog and my iTunes account to think of, for Dawg's sake. 

Today's question - it involves math, I warn you - (on flashcard 273 so I can find the answer easier):

How much guywire would be required to support a ham radio antenna if the collar to which the guywire is connected is 23 feet off the ground and the anchor turnbuckles are evenly spaced 15 feet away from its base?  (Allow an extra 8 inches for fastening the ends of each of the four wires)
a.  112.52 feet
b.  107.5 feet
c.  101.92 feet
d.  95.78 feet

Good luck, we are all counting on you.  Personally, I'm off to make some Vegan pudding.  Yes, really.  Kat needs something sweet.

ps - what's a "guywire"?


  1. I will not answer because I only know about

    I'm so proud of My Tina taking that step!!!

    Come over and color my hair.... I'm too scared to do my own since the great haircolor failure of 2011....

  2. Are all these questions going to involve math? They're making my brain hurt.


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