Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Pig, a Frog and a Red Devil

I have news.

So, earlier this week I Googled "Fire Training Eastern Washington" and came across Red Devil Training which is based in the Spokane area.  I emailed the "info" address, explained our little project, and a rather charming firefighter named Mike emailed me back.  He has granted us an open-ended invitation to attend various training sessions in 2012. Oh, and I friended Mike on FaceBook, so we are firefighting bff's now.  I need to wait a few months before I take Mike up on his training offer though-until I've had some study time-so I can impress him with my wicked Fire Wench skills.

Speaking of study, here's today's question:

"The loss of water pressure in a hose can be attributed to friction.  If it is known that the friction loss in 100 feet of 1 1/2 inch hose is 25 pounds per square inch, what will be the friction loss for 150 feet of 1 1/2 hose, assuming all other factors remain constant?
a.  16.67 psi
b.  37.5 psi
c.  47.3 psi
d.  52 psi

Dude, I TOLD YOU there was math. 

On another front:  TG came up last night and we went to The Muppets.  Yes, we went to that movie on purpose.  I love The Muppets, he loves The Muppets; we were both happy.  We also went out to dinner, where a friend and blog reader totally busted me for eating a chicken sandwich.  I know, I know. But people, it was DATE NIGHT.  I'm back on the wagon today. Repeat after me:  "Fire Fighting Siren Sex Goddesses do NOT eat anything with a face or a mother (except on Date Night)."

My biggest regret was not that I fell off the wagon, but that I wasted it on a CHICKEN SANDWICH instead of a steak. 

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